The Creative Entanglements of Ahlia Demas

Creative Entanglements are the encompassing collection of artistic ramblings of Ahlia Demas aka Ahlia Demas Jimenez of AhhFlee Publications and AhhFlee Enterprises. It includes the written efforts and accomplishments of Ahlia in the form of poetry, fiction, content, songs, and scripts.

Published author of 3 contemporary poetry collections including the recent release of “Stained Sheets”. Her writings have also appeared in print magazines, online content sources and even in Tales of the Crypt comic book.

Fiery Graves photo taken by Ahlia Demas, one of her many creative entanglements.

Ahlia also indulges in her ingenious pursuits in photography, painting, design, and other creative endeavors for personal and freelance projects including marketing, business publications (business cards, flyers, and other promotional print and digital designs).

The creative entanglements of Ahlia Demas takes one on a journey of imagination and realism. She currently is defying mental health challenges brought on by row of life threatening trauma and childhood abuses of which one can see by her dark comedy and twisted genius.

Enjoy the junket through her world and portfolio of some of her work. Feel free to drop a line.



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