Stained Sheets

Stained Sheets by Ahlia Demas, her 3rd poetry colletion


written by Ahlia Demas

Stained Sheets is an eclectic collection of adult contemporary poetry
written by Southern California native Ahlia Demas.

This 3rd published collection includes samplings from her 2 previous collections,
“Snow Fox” and “Twenty Sunsets”, both published in 1998.

This collection contains grit and adult themes as well as some lighter toned poetry.
The compilation also contains some two and three lined verses for fun.
Here is a sample what you may find:

 Any Killer Cain
 All that was left were these motel matches
 and the blood of his affections
    rusting on my carving knife.
 I cried for you 
    I really did
 But you sat there, at the edge of the bed
      mimicking me like, 
              some sacrificial myna bird.
 Fuck you and your so called righteous love
 And damn the rules that you hang me with.
 I had this thing pressed tightly in my hand
   its tears oozed through my fingers.
 It is not much
 It’s really nothing at all
 Just my heart
    just my bleeding heart.
 But still you want it
 Served on a gold plated china dish
 with a side of orange marmalade.
 Eat it you ranting minstrel!
 Eat it till it burns through  your stomach
 and the warms of your passions quiver
    through those pretty blue eyes
 What do I need that antique for?
   Just Take It!
 But there is a price you shabby clown
   a souvenir
    that once glowing piece
    now deflated matter
 That wasteful tumor you call LOVE
                      Ahlia Demas ©2018 

You can order your ebook or soft copy edition of Stained Sheets
through Amazon. Or you may order an autograph soft cover edition
direct from Ahlia Demas at AhhFlee Publications.